Social Listening Vs. Social Intelligence

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is observing and capturing what is being said about you/your brand across the internet.  This is listening to both what people are saying to you and about you.

So, what is Social Intelligence?

Social intelligence is the thoughtful application of data and social sciences to what you heard from that listening and ultimately is the insight derived from it.

Social Listening and Social Intelligence are often used synonymous with one another, but there are some important differences:

Social Intelligence

As opposed to when we say we "hear" what you are saying, which means we have thought about it and have an opinion about what it means. 

Social Listening

We frequently say we "listened" to a piece of new music or a podcast to imply that we are familiar with it, but in actual fact, we consumed it in passing while looking at and listening to many other things.

“Social Intelligence Pro” listens to what you say and hears what it means to be you. In doing so, they try to understand what is important about what you said in order to derive meaning from it. 

A “Social Listener” monitors what you say and uncovers trends.

Social Intelligence might tell us that while people are saying that the product is too sweet, what they are actually expressing is a desire for healthier options

Social Listening gives a company vital information, such as people wishing you had a certain product feature, or that your product is too sweet for them.

Industry leaders are increasingly listening to their customers to impact the future development of a product. One example of how it is being used is in crowdsourcing new feature requests while leveraging the engaged community to assist in the real time development and testing of the product for free. This is frequently evidenced in the “closed beta programs” and “influencer communities” that most successful software companies use to rapidly develop their offerings.