After working at traditional agencies for over 25 years, Eric Schwamberger began /kīnd digital to break out of the layers of agency process and tradition to provide brands & businesses better, more effective and faster solutions.

The /kīnd model

/kīnd works in the sweet spot between consultancy, agency, and in-house team providing the services that best match our partners' needs.

Why /kīnd?

If you search the word ‘kind’, you will easily find 20+ distinct interpretations. Yet, if you ask 100 people what the word kind means, 99 of respondents will define kind as 'being nice'.

The intuitive response that associates the word ‘kind’ with niceness is an important underpinning of /kīnd as a company.

We want our name of "being kind" to flow through the kind of people we choose to work with and kind of work we produce.